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Haute Couture at its Height 顶级时装的至高点

If what drives a product towards extravagance and opulence is pure talent and multitude of hard work, then these two fashion artists seem to have what it takes to do just that. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren recently unveiled the world-premiere exhibition of their latest fashion artwork title Viktor & Rolf : Fashion Artists at NGV International Melbourne.

如果驱使一项产品迈向富丽奢华境地是纯粹的天赋和辛勤工作,那么Viktor Horsting和Rolf Snoeren这两名时尚设计师似乎就是当仁不让。他们最近也在为主题Viktor & Rolf时尚艺术家在墨尔本维多利亚国家美术馆国际馆(NGVInternational)的世界首次展览会揭开序幕,展示最新时尚作品。

Driving the haute couture designs from Dutch fashion house, these artists present some of the most flamboyantly sculptured creation inspired by Picasso and cubism. Featuring over 40 intricate and hand-crafted haute couture garments, the premiere will include exhibit from a dress made from a silk bedspread, to gowns made from gold-gilded picture frames.



The exhibit will highlight intricate floral dresses with skirts spanning nearly two meters inspired by the much admired Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. You will definitely not miss the one of its kind dress fixed with nearly 250 bows Princess Mabel of the Netherland’s royal wedding dress. Focusing the theme on the Old Master paintings, the event will also include masterly designs made from gold-framed of Classic paintings. What may be a quirky idea, instead of real life-sized models, there will also be Dutch porcelain dolls dressed in miniature couture on display.

展览会将突出一件近两米长的复杂花裙子,以近250张蝴蝶结点缀而成的荷兰玛贝尔王妃(Princess Mabel)皇家婚纱礼服之一,受到著名荷兰画家梵高的启发创作。主题焦点集中在经典大师画作上,包括由金框架经典绘画制成的时装设计。无限可能性的古怪想法,除了现实体型的模型,尚有荷兰瓷娃娃穿着微型时装展出。


Image(s) courtesy of NGV Press office

The Cartier Mansion 旗舰店

Cartier Mansion, the iconic flagship store located on the Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street in New York, is one exquisite piece of real estate bought by Pierre Cartier. After almost a century, this building is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2017. As homage to the founding legends of the Mansion, Cartier has recently designed a necklace of natural pearls to celebrate the occasion.

Thierry Despont, the lead architect who led the two and a half-year long historic renovation, infuses seamlessly the grand flair of the past with contemporary work to restore it to its full glory. The pristine rooms that houses Cartier’s jewelry are covered with richly-coloured walls, embroidered fabrics and herringbone wood floors. The new boutique has now expanded from 8,600 square feet on two floors to 44,100 square feet on four floors.

Walk through the rooms to truly experience the new façade of this epic construction while enjoying the beautiful displays of jewelry, watches and accessories. Check out its most popular displays at the Mansion – the 69.42-carat pear-shape diamond – that was purchased by Richard Burton for Elizabeth Taylor.

由Pierre Cartier购置,坐落在纽约最繁华的第五大道与第52街的交界处的Cartier Mansion,如今是Cartier最具代表性的超级旗舰店。经过一个世纪的洗礼,这座建筑将在2017年迎来100周年志庆。为了庆祝这座充满传奇色彩的旗舰店迈入百年历史,Cartier特别设计了一款天然珍珠项链作以纪念。

由Thierry Despont为首的建筑团队,总共耗费了两年六个月时间,将这座标志性建筑重新装潢,同时把现代美学品味融入这座荟萃百年历史的建筑当中,赋予它崭新生命。专门陈列珠宝精品的高级珠宝室,全间装饰以色彩丰富的墙面,精绣面料以及人字形木地板。全新翻新后的旗舰店,从原有面积8,600平方米、两个楼层,扩建至44,100平方米,共四个楼层。
游走在这个散透着奢华与高雅品味的室内空间,欣赏充满艺术性的建筑结构,品味无人与之争锋的高级珠宝,腕表和精品配饰。旗舰店内还陈列了与Cartier Mansion同样备受瞩目的镇店之宝–Richard Burton赠予Elizabeth Taylor的69.42克拉梨形钻石。

Exquisite Fashion 西班牙时尚周登场

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid held over five event-frenzy days all over Madrid speaks of the ultimate dedication to fashion and the Spanish’s objective in telling the world some of its most inventive fashion sense in the world today.

This five-day event [15-20 September] proved to be the largest platform in Madrid to promote Spanish fashion on the international scene when it saw a gathering of over 42 top creators including renowned creators and brands from Europe and an international designers from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day in Kiev.

This 64th edition of the fashion show saw the city of Madrid came to live with a long list of designers and labels including Leandro Cano from the previous edition and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-virgin – Malne – a new Spanish brand designed by Juanjo Mánez and Paloma Alvarez.

MBFWM, since it all began in 1985, has hosted over 300 Spanish creators on its catwalk shows. Dedicated to establishing link between young talents and the fashion industry, the media and textile companies – the last day of the catwalk programme, under the Samsung EGO creative event, featured emerging designers including 9 young Spanish creators that include 6 of whom are represented at MBFWM for the first time.



今年迈入第64届的马德里时装周,可以见到许多西班牙知名品牌共襄盛举,例如拥有高知名度的LeandroCano,以及首度参与时装周的Malne – 西班牙新创品牌,服装设计师为Juanjo Manez和Paloma Alvarez。

Mercedes-Benz马德里时装周始于1985年,这些年来已有超过300位西班牙服装设计师参与其盛。负责为年轻新晋设计师提供管道进入时尚圈,获得媒体曝光机会以及引介于潜在面料商的马德里时装周,于活动最后一天举办了Samsung EGO创意发表秀,是次发表秀带来了9位西班牙新晋设计师的新发表作品,当中共有6位首次参与马德里时装周。

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