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Festival of Food Galore 丰盛多彩美食节

Penang is no doubt one of South-East Asia’s centre for wondrous delicacies. This year, the island will see the inauguration of The Penang International Food Festival 2017, a 16-day event from 15 – 30 April that celebrates the humble authenticity of world-famous food. Food in Penang has long been extolled by many who have visited, including world-renowned chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain and pastry chef Anna Olsen. From smoky Char Koay Teow to ice-cold Cendol, spicy and tangy Laksa to crispy Roti Canai, they all have a special spot in the hearts of those who have visited Penang.

The festival will highlight its motto – “Savour the Past”, “Enjoy the Present” and “Relish the Future” – through various events at different parts of George Town including Street Food Festival (SFF) at Lebuh Pantai that brings the best in Penang’s hawker fare, taking you back in time. Taste of Penang (TOP) celebrates Penang food of today presenting the most local gastronomic experience any tourist can see, and lastly, one of the more experiential part of the festival will see Fringe Food Festival (FFF) explores the cutting edge of food where chefs, baristas and mixologists collaborate, exchange ideas and innovate food of the future.


作为东南亚奇妙美食中心之一,槟城从来当仁不让。随着2017年的“槟城国际美食节”启动,自4月15日至30日,长达16天的美食狂欢会,欢庆世界著名美食品尝盛典。槟城的美食长久以来有口皆碑,其中包括国际知名的厨师和电视名人 Anthony Bourdain 和著名糕点师 Anna Olsen 也对于槟城食物赞誉有加。从热气腾腾的炒粿条到沁凉人心的煎蕊,辛辣强烈的拉沙到脆香非凡的印度煎饼,分别都是槟城旅客难以割舍的心头爱。


Music Supreme 音乐至上


Critically praised by The Huffington Post as “Ecstatic & Enjoyably Old-Fashioned”, Disney’s Aladdin The Hit Broadway Musical is one of the most popular musical productions the world has seen. Its armfuls of accolades – totalling 52 major awards – include the Best Original Score and Best Original Song for “A Whole New World” at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

Released in November 1992, the Disney Feature Animation was No. 1 movie of the year with over $530M gross (almost $1B in today’s dollars). It sold more than 25 million VHS/DVD units and well over 2 million soundtracks.

The pop version of the song also won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year and is the first and only song from a Disney animated film to reach No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Although this theatricality was at the core of the animated classic through its music, the beloved film is almost more of an action/adventure in its final form. The task of returning it to its original theatrical roots fell to a team of some of the most remarkable artists working on Broadway today.

Casey Nicholaw, director and choreographer, is best known for his Tony Award-winning direction of “The Book of Mormon”, as well as hits such as “The Drowsy Chaperone and Spamalot.”



被著名的赫芬顿邮报赞誉为“最令人欣喜若狂和愉快的古老经典”,迪斯尼的阿拉丁热门百老汇音乐是世界上最流行的音乐制作之一。除了夺得最佳配乐和最佳原创歌曲,“A Whole New World”在奥斯卡颁奖典礼和金球奖大放异彩,共拿下共计52项大奖。

这部“阿拉丁”是在1992年11月由迪斯尼动画制作发行,也是首部电影在当年总票房超过530万元(几乎相等于今天10亿元)。至于录像带与 DVD销售量超过2500万,还有逾200万的原声带销售。



至于导演兼编舞家Casey Nicholaw,他的音乐剧“The Book of Mormon”在托尼奖获奖而闻名,还有“The Drowsy Chaperone”和“Spamalot”等音乐剧佳作。

Incredible Gala Ball 盛大晚会

On February 11th an incredible gala ball was hosted in Melbourne. The Carnevale Masquerade Amore Ball.

Its inception is a soft launch for the much anticipated Carnevale Festival which will be hosted later this year in Melbourne.

The Carnevale Masqueade Amore Ball was hosted at the incredible Peninsula Venue (Part of the Atlantic Group); and was presented by Eventcepts as part of La Dolce Italia Festival Series.

Ambassadors Robert Dipierdomenico (Dipper) and Mirko Grillini alongside the founder Connie Paglianiti and Italian Consulate General Marco Maria Cerbo – welcomed the incredible event as we were led into the Valentines Weekend.

Non step entertainment engulfed the night and patrons were left dazzled with acts such as 100% Kylie, Jack Gatto, Daryl McKenzie, Immaculate Madonna, Voci Classiche, The Sommeliers, Danielle Soccio, John Barresi and more.

Described as one of the most incredible gala events ever hosted in Melbourne – we cannot wait to see what the end of the year will bring.

The Carenvale Masquerade Amore Ball was a fundraising initiative to assist the earthquake victims in Italy. Over $50,000AUD was raised with items auctioned such as a pair of 18ct white gold vintage-styled diamond and sapphire stud earrings from Ka’llure; 2017 Singapore Grand prix tickets for 2 people for 4 nights; 19th Century Grand Art Chateau in Burgundy France for 10 people for 7 nights and more. . .

If you haven’t yet had the chance to be part of this incredible series of festivals we recommend you to visit to stay updated.


2月11日,一个令人尖叫难以置信的盛大化妆面具舞会将在墨尔本举行 – The Carenvale Masquerade Amore Ball。这个万众期待的庆典预计将在今年下旬在墨尔本嘉年华会启动。

这项超级盛会是由 Peninsula Venue (Atlantic Group属下) 主办,并作为La Dolce意大利节日庆典系列,由Eventcepts所倾力呈献。

形象大使 Robert Dipierdomenico (Dipper) 和Mirko Grillini,还有策划人 Connie Paglianiti 联合意大利领事馆总领事 Marco Maria Cerbo 共同迎来这个盛大活动,我们似乎被带往情人节周末。

100% Kylie、Jack Gatto、Daryl McKenzie、Immaculate Madonna、Voci Classiche、The Sommeliers、Danielle Soccio,John Barresi等。


此外,The Carenvale Masquerade Amore Ball同时也是一项筹款活动,作为援助意大利的地震灾民。超过价值5万澳元珍贵的项目拍卖,例如一对 Ka’llure 品牌的 18ct 白金复古风格钻石和蓝宝石耳环; 2017年新加坡国际大奖赛双人4晚; 法国勃艮第的19世纪 Grand Art Chateau 10人7晚等。

如果您还没有机会参与这个盛典,请浏览 以随时关注更新。