Life Giveth 生活赐予

David Chu
Partner of ShineWing Australia

The life of an accountant certainly seems far more enigmatic post-Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Christian Wolff in the movie ‘The Accountant’. For David Chu, life has always been an inspiring adventure, having lived, raised a beautiful family and managed a thriving business in two continents.

A dapper and disarming gentleman, Chu is affable and smart in appearance as well as intellectual capacity. He is comfortable in his impressive height, and strides well in an elegant suit that seems to be tailored just for him.

With a brilliant smile, he shared that he was raised in Hong Kong, graduated from the University of Hong Kong, with a degree in Economics and Accounting. He started looking beyond familiar shores, when it came to providing the most holistic education for his three children.

Having gone through a thorough search, the Chus focused on Australia with great interest. They found a cultural and well-balanced education system in Melbourne and soon set about to make it their home in the early 1990’s.

“I would say I came at the right time.  It was Paul Keating’s administration and he was keen for Australia to form closer business ties with Asia.” Hence a young David Chu started working for a mid-tier accounting firm, where he was primarily responsible for looking after Asian companies doing business in Australia and vice versa. After 15 years of trudging through rank and file, integration and learning about the businesses in a new country, David established ShineWing in Melbourne in 2008.

“ShineWing is the largest domestic accounting firm in China with a clear objective of becoming an internationally recognised provider of accounting, finance and advisory solutions. ShineWing has always been a leader in the globalisation of Chinese accounting firms.”

Branching out extensively, ShineWing established offices in Hong Kong in 2005, Singapore in 2006 and eventually in the able hands of David Chu, the Melbourne operation in 2008.

“I did not establish ShineWing’s presence in Australia at the best of times. It was during the 2007/2008 global financial crisis and everyone was sceptical about new business ventures. However, the level of trust and faith from ShineWing China was pivotal in my persistence with the business landscape here.”

“I strongly subscribe to the vision of our Chairman in China. Keep persisting. However long the journey, if you keep persisting, you will succeed.”

“It is also the vision of our Chairman for ShineWing to be a globally recognised, leading brand in the accounting profession, both within China and throughout the world. This can only be achieved from vision, persistence and excellence. Easy to quote excellence but difficult to attain. To us excellence is about the quality of our work, our people and our clients.”

Looks like ShineWing China is right about entrusting their brand to David Chu. Today the ShineWing entity ranks no. 20 in the world, based on revenue. They are also the first Chinese firm to achieve a world ranking position thus far.

Headquartered in Beijing, ShineWing has 22 offices in China. In 2014, the Australian office of ShineWing merged with Moore Stephens Melbourne to create a new brand in the market place; ShineWing Australia. Initially based out of Melbourne, the network continued its rapid expansion along the eastern seaboard of Australia and now offers clients access to over 30 Partners and 200 staff. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and a wide-ranging clientele, ShineWing Australia continues to attract top senior talent and expand their geographical coverage to deliver extra value to their high-profile clients.

ShineWing’s expansion hasn’t been limited to Australia either. Over the last 12 months, the network has added offices in Pakistan, Egypt and India, as it assists clients capitalising on the opportunities associated with China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.

So what does David Chu the successful business man say about David Chu the family man? “There is no clear demarcation. I like to leave a grey area where business can interact with family. All my clients have become friends of my family and we get together with for dinner and social outings regularly.”

Unbelievable but this debonair individual is a grandfather of two. “My wife has done a great job in raising our daughter and two sons with love and care, while providing proper guidance all the time. Not an easy job and she does not get off at five or six o’clock like our business. Interestingly, all my children are now living and working in Hong Kong,” he smiles at the irony.

“We feel blessed. Transitioning here has been mostly easy and fun for us. In Melbourne, it’s all about footy, so I had to pick a team. Since I was based in Hawthorn earlier on, the choice was obvious and it turned out to be the right team for me after all. In Hong Kong we used to drink cognac but over here it is more about wine, so I attended wine classes to be able to swap stories,” he laughed good-heartedly.

“My wife and I try to do our bit for the community. She volunteers for the elderly while I get involved actively with the Fred Hollows Foundation, a non-profit organisation that provides cataract surgeries for people in Asia and Africa.” Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, David has also been a regular presenter on the Cantonese programme of SBS Radio on Australian economic affairs.

Having achieved all that, David has not forgotten about his Chinese heritage. “I aspire to be a role model for my children and intend to demonstrate a healthy balance in preserving our culture and successfully integrating with the Australian community and lifestyle.”












过去1年内,信永中和澳大利亚彰显了无限的发展潜能,分别在巴基斯坦,埃及和印度设立办事处,这是协助客户利用与中国相关的商务机会,即 “一带一路” 的策略。








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Festival of Food Galore 丰盛多彩美食节

Penang is no doubt one of South-East Asia’s centre for wondrous delicacies. This year, the island will see the inauguration of The Penang International Food Festival 2017, a 16-day event from 15 – 30 April that celebrates the humble authenticity of world-famous food. Food in Penang has long been extolled by many who have visited, including world-renowned chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain and pastry chef Anna Olsen. From smoky Char Koay Teow to ice-cold Cendol, spicy and tangy Laksa to crispy Roti Canai, they all have a special spot in the hearts of those who have visited Penang.

The festival will highlight its motto – “Savour the Past”, “Enjoy the Present” and “Relish the Future” – through various events at different parts of George Town including Street Food Festival (SFF) at Lebuh Pantai that brings the best in Penang’s hawker fare, taking you back in time. Taste of Penang (TOP) celebrates Penang food of today presenting the most local gastronomic experience any tourist can see, and lastly, one of the more experiential part of the festival will see Fringe Food Festival (FFF) explores the cutting edge of food where chefs, baristas and mixologists collaborate, exchange ideas and innovate food of the future.


作为东南亚奇妙美食中心之一,槟城从来当仁不让。随着2017年的“槟城国际美食节”启动,自4月15日至30日,长达16天的美食狂欢会,欢庆世界著名美食品尝盛典。槟城的美食长久以来有口皆碑,其中包括国际知名的厨师和电视名人 Anthony Bourdain 和著名糕点师 Anna Olsen 也对于槟城食物赞誉有加。从热气腾腾的炒粿条到沁凉人心的煎蕊,辛辣强烈的拉沙到脆香非凡的印度煎饼,分别都是槟城旅客难以割舍的心头爱。


The Big Reveal for the Smallest Automobile 最小汽车的盛大推展

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled a seminal new concept in luxury, crafted for one very special customer. The St Richard’s Hospital Pediatric Day Surgery Unit in the marque’s home town of Chichester, West Sussex, England is presented with one of the automobile company’s most bespoke luxury design.

The Rolls-Royce SRH allows children awaiting surgery to drive themselves to the operating theatre, through the Pediatric Unit corridors which are lined with ‘traffic signs’. The experience of ‘self-drive to theatre’ aims to reduce child patient stress.

Molly Matthews and Hari Rajyaguru, test drivers from the Pediatric Unit, were welcomed to the Home of Rolls-Royce to see the car being unveiled in style at the company’s Goodwood Studio in the same manner for all Rolls-Royces VIP customers. This exclusive event served as final validation and pre-delivery inspection of the Rolls-Royce SRH ahead of the official handover to the patients, their families and the devoted day surgery team at St Richard’s Hospital.

Rolls-Royces1.jpg劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)汽车公司为一个非常特别的客户推展了开创性的新概念豪华产品。而定制这项豪车设计产品的是汽车品牌的家乡-英国西苏塞克斯郡首府奇切斯特的St Richard医院的儿科单位。

这项劳斯莱斯SRH(Rolls-Royce SRH)设计项目让正在等待手术的儿童坐上配有“交通标志”的小汽车从儿科病房走廊前往手术室。“自行驾车到剧院”的体验是为了减少儿童患者的压力。

2名儿科患者Molly Matthews和Hari Rajyaguru作为试驾员也被迎接到劳斯莱斯总部,而这辆小汽车也在Goodwood工作室正式推展,小试驾员获得如同劳斯莱斯尊贵VIP客户般的款待。劳斯莱斯SRH独家设计项目在正式移交给患者、他们的家人和St Richard医院的儿科团队之前,也进行车辆验证和出厂前检查。

Glory to Beauty, Charisma & Talent 闪耀着美丽、魅力与天赋

Best Dress

Book launching ceremony (from left): His Excellency Mr Kiyoshi Itoi, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng, Ch’ng Huck Theng, The Honourable Danny Law Heng Kiang, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai, Her Excellency Miss Ekajit Kraivichien & Dato’ Eric Lim.


INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards (from left): Chef Walter Lee (Thailand), Nicole Chow (Australia), Dato’ Elaine Kang (Malaysia) & Bernard Yong (Malaysia)


Sponsors & VIPs (from left) : Tony Goh (Sponsor – Cititel Hotel Management), Waqar Saeed Bhatti (Sponsor – Nasim Carpets), Teh Poey King (Sponsor – Asia Gemological Laboratory), Dato’ Eric Lim (Sponsor – Cititel Hotel Management), Susan Chyntana (Sponsor – Focal Concepts), Dato’ Ar Ooi Sian Hian (Sponsor – Ghee Hiang), The Honourable Danny Law Heng Kiang, Ch’ng Huck Theng, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai, His Excellency Mr Kiyoshi Itoi, Her Excellency Miss Ekajit Kraivichien, Franco Tan (Sponsor – Aim Max Media) & Oo Lean Hooi (Sponsor – Ichi Media).

Penang born Nicole Chow won the INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Award 2017 for Australia. Nicole is the Managing Director of the highly regarded United Asia Group (UAG). Nicole established UAG in 1994 after emigrating from Singapore to Melbourne with a desire to be a successful property developer. Today, she continues to contribute her considerable energy, passion and astute business mind to the task of leasing both UAG studios in Melbourne and Singapore.

Launched in 2007, INPenang Awards is Penang’s most significant and celebrated event that recognises outstanding organisations and amazing leaders that have achieved success in their respected fields and contributed to the society of Penang. It is a night when charming lights shine a brighter hue on the flashy red carpet and champagne glasses chime a resounding song of elegance. It is a night where we celebrate some of Penang’s highest society and pay tribute to beauty, charisma and talent.

The INPenang Awards, in its 3rd glorious edition, celebrated the evening honouring Penang’s assiduous entrepreneurs and industry veterans whose successes have gained the island state of Penang reputation as an incipient city with growing opportunities. This year, two new award categories for individuals, namely the INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Award and the INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award were introduced. These winners are specifically chosen for their contribution to their community and significant role in putting Penang on the world map.

The crème de la crème of awards of the evening – The INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 – was vehemently awarded to Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng, the Chief Executive Officer of The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) for his long-standing leadership and prominent contributions to the Penang and Malaysian society. He also serves as the Chairman of the World Chinese Economic Forum and the ASEAN Leadership Forum.

Winners of the INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards include Bernard Yong (Malaysia), Chef Walter Lee (Thailand), Nicole Chow (Australia) and Dato’ Elaine Kang (Malaysia).

Winners of the INPenang Awards for local Penang organizations include Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Gurney Paragon Mall, Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd, Entopia, Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, Wonderfood Museum Penang, Vouk Hotel Suites, GenomixLAB, Penang Medical College, and Ideal Property Group.

在槟城出生,来自澳大利亚的 Nicole Chow 获得 2017 年 INPenang国际卓越成就奖。Nicole是受到高度评价的房产企业 United Asia Group (UAG) 的董事经理。她在 1994 年从新加坡移居到墨尔本后设立UAG,立志作为出色的房地产开发商。今天,她继续为在墨尔本和新加坡的UAG工作室运筹帷幄投入精力,拥有无限激情和敏锐商业头脑。



晚会上的精英大奖:“2017年 INPenang 终身成就奖” 颁发予亚洲战略与领导研究所(ASLI)首席执行员丹斯里杨元庆博士,鉴于他长期积极领导,对槟城乃至马来西亚社会做出的杰出贡献。杨博士同时也是世界华人经济论坛和东盟商务论坛的

INPenang 国际卓越成就奖获奖者包括杨昭明 (马来西亚),厨师 WalterLee (泰国),
Nicole Chow (澳大利亚) 和拿督江梦蕾 (马来西亚)。

INPenang大奖的本地团体组织获奖者包括:香格里拉沙洋度假酒店、葛尼百丽宫广场、Ewein Zenith私人有限公司、虫鸣大地、Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House、槟城食物狂想馆、Vouk套房酒店、GenomixLAB,槟城医学院和宏升集团。